Gollywog (video project)

In my latest work, I delve into the complex and painful history of the gollywog, a toy that emerged in the late 19th century, embodying deeply ingrained racial stereotypes and prejudices. Through the medium of stop-motion video, I animate the gollywog in a narrative that critically examines its role as the "magical negro," a trope in which Black characters exist primarily to enrich the lives of white protagonists, often through magical or mystical means.

In this piece, the gollywog dances and entertains, not just as a toy but as a symbol of how Black individuals have been historically marginalized and reduced to caricatures for the amusement and service of white society. This portrayal aims to confront and unpack the layers of racism embedded within such imagery, forcing a reckoning with the casual normalization of dehumanizing stereotypes.